Training Manual: Part 2 (Facilitators Guide) -Panchakarma Training for Ayurveda Health Workers.

Major Outlines:

  • This Guide provides facilitators with complete instructions and materials needed to run the entire Panchakarma training
  • The document is developed by the Health Directorate, Ministry of Health and Population, Lumbini Province.
  • Seven days Training Guide.
  • This booklet consist of Furthermore, time is allocated for the practical session of each and every Panchakarma procedures tabulated in the course to enable participants to run and conduct the procedures that have been covered. While the curriculum already utilizes a variety of instructional methods (e.g. brainstorming, visual demonstration, practical demonstrations, discussions,), facilitators should be encouraged to adapt or use additional methods to tailor the Training most creatively to the needs of the audience. Facilitators can build upon these and present their own case related experiences or share case studies from their experiences to further customize the Training.
  • Highlighting features of this Facilitators guide are basic consideration, practical consideration, guidelines for the conduction of interactive and practical sessions. Thus the guide will definitely satisfy the facilitators/Instructors/Trainers and will be widely accepted by Ayurveda fraternity.
  • This document provides the manual for the procedure of Panchakarma in the Training Session.
  • The Guide further describes different approaches and methods depending on participants’ needs and demands to make the training as relevant as possible to the target audience
  • The Facilitator’s Guide includes prompts for questions and comments during the presentation of the slides, and during demonstration of Panchakarma procedures as well as brief facilitated discussions at the end of each session on the topics presented.
  • Authors: Dr. Pravesh Srivastava, Dr. Puspharaj  Poudel, Givan Bashyal
  • This Guide provides facilitators with complete instructions and materials needed to run the entire Panchakarma training.
  • The Facilitator’s Guide is organized into four main sections:
    - Planning the Training
    -Guidelines for facilitation
    -Facilitation instructions, and
    -Tools for facilitators.
  • This Training Manual is consist of procedure of Purvakarma, Introduction to Panchakarma, And additional therapy.

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